Smart Art: In Class Drawings

I draw a lot when I should be listening to teachers. This blog is the result.

I made a tribute to the x files for Comic Con. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson signed it! And they talked about it! With each other !! IN FRONT OF ME!! (and kind of WITH ME??!?) I DONT KNOW. 
in the picture (L-R): skinner, smoking man, doggett, fluky, kersh, tooms, reyes, kim manners, krycek, leonard betts, chris carter, the peacock bros, the lone gunmen, and mulder and scully (!!!) 

Yes. Bob Ross for the win. 


Yes. Bob Ross for the win. 

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just a rough sketch i did in like 30 seconds :))) i know im not very good omg image

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“did you draw that?”

they ask as I continue on the same piece of artwork under my pencil

and immediately my eyes widen in horror as I throw the sketchbook to the ground, screaming “NO I DIDN’T WHERE DID THAT COME FROM WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT”


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Poll Time

who should I draw next? Sound offffff! 

International Film Notes - Tom Hiddleston 
mechanical pencil. 
David Duchovny drawn in Abnormal Psych. Had to whip out some Fox Mulder in my psych class - duh, hottest psychologist ever. 
In mechanical pencil. 
A tribute to Hugh Laurie and the Blues (saw him in concert 9/10, amazing!) - From L to R - Jelly Roll Morton, David Piltch, Hugh Laurie, Kevin Breit, Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Ray Charles, Dr. John, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jay Bellerose, Duke Ellington, Irma Thomas, Cab Calloway, Muddy Waters, Huddy Leadbelly, Bessie Smith. 
Mechanical Pencil. 
Tom Hiddleston, graphite. 
This took 10 minutes.

… loljk it took 2 hours. LOKI’D.